VBA Code Sample - Gather all file names in a directory

This function searches for ANY file names in a given directory. The path to the directory is passed as strDirPath. The file names are strored as an array that is passed back to the calling routine.

    Function GetAllFilesInDir(ByVal strDirPath As String) As Variant
' **************Loop through the directory specified in strDirPath and save each******
' ***************file name in an array, then return that array to the calling*********
' ****************procedure.**********************************************************
' **************Return False if strDirPath is not a valid directory.******************
    Dim strTempName As String
    Dim varFiles() As Variant
    Dim lngFileCount As Long
    On Error GoTo GetAllFiles_Err
    ' Make sure that strDirPath ends with a "\" character.
    If Right$(strDirPath, 1) <> "\" Then
        strDirPath = strDirPath & "\"
    End If
    ' Make sure strDirPath is a directory.
    If GetAttr(strDirPath) = vbDirectory Then
        strTempName = Dir(strDirPath, vbDirectory)
        Do Until Len(strTempName) = 0
            ' Exclude ".", "..".
            If (strTempName <> ".") And (strTempName <> "..") Then
                ' Make sure we do not have a sub-directory name.
                If (GetAttr(strDirPath & strTempName) _
                    And vbDirectory) <> vbDirectory Then
                    ' Increase the size of the array
                    ' to accommodate the found filename
                    ' and add the filename to the array.
                    ReDim Preserve varFiles(lngFileCount)
                    varFiles(lngFileCount) = strTempName
                    lngFileCount = lngFileCount + 1
                End If
            End If
            ' Use the Dir function to find the next filename.
            strTempName = Dir()
        ' Return the array of found files.
        GetAllFilesInDir = varFiles
    End If
    Exit Function
    GetAllFilesInDir = False
    Resume GetAllFiles_End
End Function